Professional business LCD monitors started JT-COMATZ trade, since its founding in 1994, has been uphold the [uphold professional, deep market] concept, picked up the pace of hard work in the market. [Continue to strive for innovation] feature, so that JT-COMATZ of the product on the market is extremely competitive. On the corporate sector classification purposes, subject to marketing JT-COMATZ do business-oriented group of Taiwan companies in focus, responsible for global access and control of the overall, also includes a research and development team and engineering departments to provide customer technical support. 

Business philosophy

JT-COMATZ business tentacles extending from the island of Taiwan to overseas, in addition to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, Central and South America and other places around the world and advance through the show's exhibitors, direct contact with local customers. In the next few years, with the global wave of leisure and entertainment, JT-COMATZ will use this as a starting point to open up the game console market. But also to actively layout of the global and multi-operation, so that JT-COMATZ sales service around the world, providing attentive service without far-reaching!

Product / Product Project:

  • Small and medium-size LCD screen
  • Game machines and parts products

JT-COMATZ specializes in game machines in addition to import and export trade services, the for game machines such as pachinko Slovenia, pachinko, Marlee machine, gift machine, as well as its parts, such as LCD screen, wheel, coin counters research and design, key, money, road, etc., there are quite professional skills. Products from the source to the terminal, whether it is a liquid crystal screen, video game consoles or parts JT-COMATZ for professional customers across the industry to judge the market, the product master, has its own unique thoughts and opinions.